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I am a long time citizen of New Babbage. I presently own a small boiler and boat repair shop in the Port, and I operate a taxi service on the side to make ends meet. I’m a seafarer from days gone by, and still feel the call of the open sea from time to time. Buy a drink for me and I’ll tell you all about it!

[OOC] Wiggy is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he almost always means well. He has good mechanical skills, but does not grasp the finer points of engineering. His creations tend to fly apart, catch fire, or explode.


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6 years 3 weeks
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My Gallery

Wooden Clock

May 28 2013 – 6:53pm

Undertone’s Taxi Service

May 28 2013 – 6:32pm

Fort Pickens

Apr 2 2013 – 6:15pm


Mar 2 2013 – 7:45pm

Boiler and Boat Repair Shop

Feb 16 2013 – 3:39pm


Jun 17 2012 – 5:44pm


Jun 17 2012 – 5:40pm

PIANO with keyboard removed

Jun 17 2012 – 5:33pm

Front removed from piano

Jun 17 2012 – 5:19pm

Bailey Piano

Jun 17 2012 – 5:13pm

Wiggy is castaway!

Nov 18 2010 – 6:54pm

Wiggy Dangles from the…

Nov 18 2010 – 6:53pm

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My Groups

  • New Babbage Volunteer Militia

    The umbrella organization for the City armed forces.

  • The Bucket of Blood

    A group for employees and regulars of Babbage’s roughest saloon

  • Roleplayers Anonymous

    Those who are simply addicted to the strife…

  • Ahab’s Bane Tavern

    The dirtiest, roughest den of scum and villiany in New Babbage.

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