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violet Solano


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violet was born on the Island of Amaranth, the third of five children and the first of two daughters of Hezekiah Solano and nora Brightnose the only other surviving sibling is second daughter Hortensia Solano- Hoppwell, the three Solano sons having died in tragic accidents,
Miss Solano divides her time between New Babbage and Amaranth


it has been suggested that Violet is the head of a large smuggling, piracy, and organized crime cartel, but we all know that that is just a rumor…………………………….. don’t we


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Dec 15 2015 – 12:27pm

the Amaranth Flag flies over…

Dec 15 2015 – 12:23pm

The Narwhal Ram at Solano…

Sep 30 2015 – 11:57pm

Owl Harbor Oyster…

Aug 19 2015 – 8:58am

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