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Submitted by Myrtil Igaly on December 16, 2015 – 10:30am

After a chance encounter with one Count Bologna, I decided that could be a good idea for the urchins to have a grown-up working for them, to interact with other grown-ups when they would never agree to deal with kids.

So I had a meeting with the other urchins and a majority voted for having interviews of grown-ups with the idea to then decide together if we’d hire them in the end or not.

Below are the transcripts of the first interviews we held, with more to come.

Count Bologna :

Beryl Strifeclaw :

Miss Violet Solano : with a picture taken by Becky :… and a doodle she made :

Sir Sir Emerson Lighthouse :

and the letters of reference he brought :

Mr Rigby H. Copperhead :

Ms CC Creeggan :

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