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The Pumpkin Goblin Returns

Submitted by Wulfriðe Blitzen on October 13, 2017 – 4:19am

*Finds a message slid under her door at the factory and reads*

"At last it’s October and I am free to roam the lands once again! Mou-ha-ha-ha! Oh, don’t worry, I’m not THAT bad, I mean, I "did" egg Mornington’s overpriced hotel into the stone age, but I’m a goblin, what do you want from me?


This year I’ve come back and brought with me the hansom pumpkins that you see before you! Please buy one for 0L and place inside it your treat, or trick if you’re inclined to place inside something not so nice (rotten apples, tooth brushes, and rocks just to name a few things you might put inside instead of a treat) but remember, the urchins have been supplied eggs and sling shots.. Mou-ha-ha-ha!

Keep this pumpkin out one week before Halloween until November 1st so everyone gets a chance to Trick Or Treat

Enjoy the merriment of this season of pumpkins, witches, ghost and best of all.. Goblins!


Jack The Pumpkin Goblin"


This year the Pumpkin Goblin has arranged for the cart to await unsuspecting passers by and missile seeking urchin at the Memorial of the Kraken, Academy of Industry. All residents are encouraged to take part in this annual fun tradition of New Babbage and be creative with the contents. Be as generous or as evil as you like, but note – the urchins reserve the right to target you if your evil present be just a touch….too evil.

A smaller pumpkin labled for the urchins is placed to the left of the large ones, and this contains choice weaponry to hurl at blaggards who left you a bar of coaltar soap and a scrubbing brush and labled it ‘Chocolate’…. *shudder*.

Place the item of your choice inside the pumpkin and leave on your doorstep till November 1st. Be creative, have some fun and maybe engage in some light RP along the way.

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