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Star Citizen Updates and Gameplay

Star Citizen is the largest and most ambitious space simulator, one developed by the father of the legendary Wing Commander saga, veteran Chris Roberts. The game unfolds on a persistent and massive world in which thousands of players from around the globe can pilot a wide variety of spacecraft while performing the duties of a scout, merchant, soldier or even space pirate. Freedom of action and realism in the management of starships are two of the greatest attractions of a game that seeks to become active in-depth and simulation, but where there is also space for FPS parts.

What Cloud Imperium Games is trying to achieve with the video game is little less than unpublished in the history of Interactive Entertainment, and is that its fascinating fusion of genres includes deep gameplay mechanics for the shooter, galactic travel simulation, open and persistent world, and endless references. To achieve this, they have counted on a millionaire crowdfunding who has broken all the records of collective financing on the day of its sale, amounting to 150 million dollars to March 2017, and who has plunged fans from all over the world into a fascinating mechanics of buying ships with which to set out to explore the confines of the universe.

With a cast of stars including Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson or the eternal Mark Hamill, the title does not neglect the narrative part of the Squadron 42 module. It also seeks to be a right reference in the visual, where its graphics section has already impressed both its alphas and the different trailers that have been made public. While the CryEngine engine was initially used, its developers have finally opted to do the same with Lumberyard, a tool owned by Amazon, with which its managers intend to position the game even higher in the rankings of the most imposing on the visual level.

Star Citizen continues to grow. Its alpha 3.6 is now available, adding a new system of law and order to the Galaxy, which will seek to offer more challenges to the lovers of outsiders and their smuggler vicissitudes. He’s released a trailer and new details.

Be careful if you’re a space criminal.

Now, if we’re a pilot with a full criminal record, we can run into patrols and security guards controlled by artificial intelligence that will make things difficult for us on various systems. Cloud Imperium Games has also increased the rate of appearance of bounty hunters, who will be more present and able to track friends from the outside more easily.

These new regional jurisdictions, with their security patrols as well as their supply controls, will automatically open fire on known criminals and thieves, especially if they go on a stolen ship. The order to stop will be issued almost immediately at the slightest hint of suspicion, and at the first of the changes, if the situation is not clarified, the police ships will appear. If we are found with contraband or stolen and other goods, we will be removed and seized immediately.

According to the developers, the addition of these features aims to add more background to criminal missions and smuggling, as well as to boost the black market and its submerged economy by making all this kind of action more exciting and realistic. The update also incorporates new environments and exterior, new weapons, as well as the possibility to purchase more than 90 ships using the game’s in-game coin.

Star Citizen is an ambitious particular simulation video game that has raised over $ 300 million.