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River Falcon spent his childhood living rough on the streets of New Babbage, cleaning rich gentlemen’s shoes and begging for money on the city’s street corners. He knows first hand what it was like to live alone, as a child, in the city. It was only due to his perseverance and strong sense of self-belief that, as he grew into adulthood, he managed to work his way off the streets and into a life of respectability.


A chance encounter with a local inventor, Professor Higgins, resulted in a small investment by River Falcon. This investment resulted in the production of a new form of household glass that had the remarkable property of slowing light by a total of three hours. The commercial production of this slow glass was a resounding success and the resultant funds were sufficient to fund the charitable support of an orphanage in the city.

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Wash Day

Jan 5 2016 – 8:53am


Jan 5 2016 – 8:50am

Orphanage Improvements

Jan 5 2016 – 4:11am

Revamp of Orphanage

Jan 2 2016 – 8:23am

Revamp of Orphanage

Jan 2 2016 – 8:23am

Orphanage Gift

Dec 30 2015 – 6:52am

Merry Christmas

Dec 28 2015 – 4:22am

The December Orphanage Trip

Dec 15 2015 – 8:21am

Burning Barrel Racing

Nov 8 2015 – 2:55pm

The Barrel Burning Race

Nov 8 2015 – 2:54pm

Guy Fawkes Night

Nov 7 2015 – 3:36pm

Museum Tour

Nov 3 2015 – 3:18pm

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My Groups

  • Babbage Street Urchins

    The Urchins Of Babbage

  • Automata And Clockwork Persons

    A collective community of clockwork persons, steam golems, and automata of all types and functions.

  • New Babbage Orphanage

    An orphanage for the care and upbringing of any poor waif and stray, in the steampunk city of New Babbage.

  • Tales from New Babbage

    Tales from New Babbage is a semi-regular audio podcast, broadcast on Radio Riel under the umbrella of Radio Riel Players.

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