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Prim heavy vehicles have to be banned

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Submitted by Victor1st Mornington on January 19, 2012 – 4:23am


Some folks know what happened to my house in Clockhaven last year, a prim heavy vehicle flew over it, litterally parked their airship and half of MY build got returned.

The same thing has happened this morning.  My house in Academy this time (not the hotel, the carriage house) the entire back wall and half the inner walls was missing.  Brunel and the Carriage house hasnt had a lot of prims spare, about 100 odd over the past few weeks. 

4 hours later someone was flying through Academy into Pallisade with a 77 prim airship and had crossed the sim border into palisade, i took this snapshot of the land panel on Beq Janus house on the border…

The line that says “11 will be deleted” is the one to look at.

When a vehicle, wether it be a ground based, sea based or air based goes into a parcel that doest NOT have enough prims to support it, the last rezzed prims BEFORE the vehicle entered the parcel…

…are deleted.  They are NOT returned.  This means that if that person had sat on Beqs place for more than a few minutes, some of Beqs stuff would have been deleted..gone, vanished.  It’s what happened to my place in Clockhaven last year, its whats happened to my place in Academy this year and the reports ive been hearing from a few people saying some of their furniture has vanished COULD be down to this.

LL used to not allow parcel entry of vehicles into parcels that didnt have enough prims to support them.  It now looks like this isnt working.

I think all vehicles that are not attached to the avatar (the rez and sit kind) which are over 31 prims should not be allowed in New Babbage at all.

People have left aside 31 odd prims for the normal vehicles…but when it comes to the larger vehicles that are 100 or 200 prims…flying over someones parcel and gettting that persons house, furniture and other stuff removed…thats a big no.

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