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Orpheus Angkarn


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The Maestro is one of many Timelords who escaped the eradication of his race by traveling through the void into this universe. Prior to his arrival in New Babbage, the Maestro was actively involved in various archeological expeditions in time. While traveling, the Maestro became aware of a zombie plague, which he felt drawn to investigate.

During his investigation, he contracted the plague, and in the course of looking for a cure he arrived at New Babbage.

Upon regenerating, the Maestro helped solve the mystery of the Black Heart, using the alias Mr. Angkarn. He is now steeped in researching much of the dark side of New Babbage, ranging from the strange monsters to the nightmares which haunt our dreams. If something has gone wrong, or something is lost, the Maestro is usually at the heart of it.

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Fashionable Villain

Aug 13 2012 – 11:13am

Fashionable Villain

Aug 13 2012 – 11:10am

St. Jimmy

Aug 13 2012 – 11:09am

Terminal Velociraptor

Aug 3 2012 – 6:17pm

This can’t be good…

Aug 1 2012 – 5:08pm

The Sky is Burning

Aug 1 2012 – 5:07pm

Sending out the signal

Aug 1 2012 – 5:05pm

Reopening the Rift

Aug 1 2012 – 5:04pm

Spiders and Rubies

Jul 30 2012 – 9:23am

A Bad Day

Jul 23 2012 – 9:30pm

A stranger observes the battle

Jul 23 2012 – 6:35pm

An uncomfortable napping spot

Jul 23 2012 – 6:06pm

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  • Roleplayers Anonymous

    Those who are simply addicted to the strife…

  • Esoteric Order of Dagon

    A humble order.

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