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OOC–Bit of RP Venting


I’m sure that, recently, I read someone here complaining about the lack of spontaneous RPing in New Babbage–that it was hard to be able to find some while, for instance, walking the streets of the city. (I’d *swear* I read that, though I can’t seem to find the original post.)

Well. We gave you the opportunity at the Salon. And frankly, the ball was dropped. There’s *so* much more that could have happened, if folks had truly gotten into the spirit of it. Instead, most of what was said was snarky and/or completely off-topic comments. There was just nothing to work with–and so it was cut short.

And I have to say, I really feel for Dr. Obolensky’s typist. It can’t be easy–and I’m sure it can’t be *fun*–to RP a villain if no one takes it *seriously.* Bookworm’s been learning to stand up to him, but it’s been a *sloooow* process–and that’s where the fun’s been.

We can’t all be heroes and heroines all the time. We can’t all be fearless all the time. Find the weaknesses and flaws in your character, and expose them. Let yourself actually be afraid of someone or something, and see where it takes you.

And for pity’s sake, give our resident villain a break! Work *with* him in an RP some time, and find out how fun it can be.