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Online RPG Games

The RPG (Role Playing Game) known as Online Role games are the ones that play a role within history in a game, can be activated where you must find dungeons, in turn, strategic, create a tactic to conquer a goal or mass where you play with many people.

  1. League of Angels 2

MMORPG popular Free-to-PLay with fast dogfights with PvE and PvP individually and based on computers. Enjoy the fight, in turn, fight alongside Los Angeles in your quest to defeat the forces of evil. This exciting fantasy-style game incorporates fun arcade shooter puzzles and minigames.

  1. Ace Online

ACE combines the dynamics of character development typical of an RPG with the adrenaline of an air compatible game. An MMORPG with Space Shooter 3D format. ACE offers infinite options for customization, crafting and upgrade of your ship, as well as the ability to improve and train your skills as a pilot.

  1. Runescape

Conquer the world of Gielinor, collect spells, and defeat the monsters that present themselves to you. Runescape is an MMORPG game more award-winning! Come and play and enjoy millions of online adventures. Face sorcerers, Trolls, Dragons, and more! Play unloaded in PVP and PVE modes with mini-games and a vast online community.

  1. Karos

Let Asmara’s magic make you the chosen warrior. Forge your Clan, conquer Bent Castle and the Lupinel mines to gain control of the entire world of Asmara. Create your character and make it a legendary hero in this fantastic open world MMORPG with PVP and PVE modalities.

Mobile RPG games for free

Mobile RPG Games

That mobile games are eating the land out of all the other video game platforms is something we’ve been talking about for a long time. If we take a walk around the top 10 of the app stores, we will also see that many of the most downloaded or entered are just games.

Within the ecosystem of mobile games, we find an infinity of genres, and one of the most successful is that of RPG or role-playing video games (although the concept is quite open and under the same umbrella of RPG live very different games). But it is not up to us to define what and what is not RPG, so let’s go to our place and take a look at some of the best free mobile games of the genre according to our criteria (there will inevitably be many more).

  1. Fire Emblem Heroes

This game, created by Nintendo, has as its key points a simple operation combined with a classic aesthetic within the tactical role-playing games. Following the essence of the traditional role, Fire Emblem Heroes keeps the fighting in turns, and the theme of the fight is quite engaging.

  1. 7 Mages

7 Mages is a game that follows the line of classic PC role-playing games and as such, develops in epic environments and turn combat mode. We should note that it is not free-to-play as such but that the first part of the game can be downloaded for free, but the rest of the chapters are unlocked with purchases within the application.

  1. Final Fantasy IV

The Final Fantasy saga needs no presentation, but this particular title, The Final Fantasy IV, available Google Play and App Store is remaking 3D from which it came out for Nintendo DS, which keeps history, characters and game mode intact.

Speaking of mobile games, RPG isn’t the only type of entertainment you can dive into on your mobile device. If that’s not your thing, you could go for:

  • 3D Slots: The top online casinos feature the newest slot creations – and these aren’t your boring reel machines from the 70s.
  • Card Games: Instead of waiting for a friend to come over, you can play different card games online – you can even join tournaments with people from all over the world.
  • Action Games: Action games are probably the second most popular category of games on the app stores, and for a good reason.