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News from Myrtil, or What Triky Said Next….

Submitted by Tepic Harlequin on November 20, 2011 – 1:39pm

Tepic peered again at the tiny bit of paper, trying to decipher Myrtil’s writing.Gadget had shown it to him, saying Myrtil had sent it by pigeon – was just as well he hadn’t known the fate of quite a number of the pigeons coming into New Babbage…

Looks like she had met Triky, and maybe this had something to do with the page the Writer had first written, when Myrtil said she should have listened to Triky. So what had he talked to her about?

Well, they chatted about him having died, but that seemed to be mostly stuff he had forgotten, or that Myrtil was more worried about than Triky. He told her he was happy where he was, an she wasn’t to worry about him, usual sort of stuff ghosts tell people, an that they would have fun again sometime when they met. There was something though, an he said part of it twice, so it must be important.

"There is a time and a place for everything Myrtil, but you still got choices, the future is not set in stone."

So we can decide, the Book…. it wasn’t the truth yet, an may not be anyhow, the suspicion had grown in Tepic’s mind for some time, they had all been doing things that might change the writing, so it wasn’t the truth anymore, if it ever had been… Maybe Jimmy had meant that they shouldn’t believe the Writer, because if they thought it was true, maybe they wouldn’t have tried to change things, so then it would end up being tr…. errrr….. this was complicated!

He had been hearing about people arguing, seen the slogan someone had written on a wall, and how the machines seemed to make some people think about awful things… Maybe it was being afraid that made the things stronger…. Not that Tepic wasn’t scared of lots of things, despite what he tried to show to the other urchins, it was just that well… you could be scared but still do something, or you could be like a rabbit, so scared of shadows you just froze… So we can choose, and not be afraid we are choosing wrong, that’s what he means!

There was something else, Myrtil had looked into Triky’s eyes, and seen where his soul was, in a place of lights and warmth an love, an the things she described, well, they were the same as the Cloud Angel Sebastien had according to the Book…. That made things much more difficult, as the one thing that seemed to destroy the machines, and which sent Jimmy back on his visit, was using the Cloud Angels….. He had to find out how Sebastien was going to use them, if they were going to be hurt, well, they couldn’t do that then, and maybe that was one of the choices they had to make, after all, the choice to use em hadn’t turned out too well, had it?

He sighed, then placed the note on the table in the Sneaky Vole, smoothed out the sheets of paper he had scrounged, and set to carefully copying out Myrtil’s account in his larger script. He had quite a few to do, as this was something everyone had to know about and think about, and by the next morning there would be a hand delivered copy on many a doorstep.