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New Babbage Volunteer Militia

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There are four branches of the militia: the Volunteers, the Horse Guard, the Naval Militia, and the Aero(Aether) Corps. Each branch is the responsibility of a Captain. Enrollment in the militia is open to the public. Officer commissions are issued to landowning militia members who have demonstrated their commitment to the militia over time. Individuals wishing to receive commissions must be nominated by a serving officer in good standing, and be confirmed by Clockwinder Tenk. Officers are only official if their name and rank appear on the official Babbage Militia page

Babbagers! Be prepared to Defend Your Homes!

New Babbage Militia

All Personnel

Due to the increasingly hostile and aggressive activity of the crablike creatures seen in the city, HQ is advising that the creatures not be engaged by Militia members singly.  For your safety, all patrols should be mounted in pairs or sections of 4.

On behalf of the men and women of the New Babbage Naval Squadron, I would like to say thank you to all of you who came out to support “The Smokes” as we fought in the Fleet Week Ironclad Tournament.  We had a good showing, both in the stands and on the water.

This is the official notice for all New Babbage Militia members, and especially those members of the Naval Squadron and the Marines.  The 3rd annual Fleet Week for the Steamlands will be held in Winterfell this year.

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