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New Babbage Militia

In 2009, in response to continued rumblings of political tensions between the Steamlands and a spike in air pirate activity, Clockwinder Tenk instructed Maceholder Cleanslate to re-establish the New Babbage Militia. Order Number 1369 was issued, establishing a call for commanders to organize their own brigades.

The New Babbage militia serves to defend the City from all foreign entities who would threaten its survival, protect its legitimate commercial interests abroad, and enforce the writ of the City against those who would subvert it.

There are four branches of the militia: the Volunteers, the Horse Guard, the Naval Militia, and the Aero(Aether) Corps.


Horse Guard

Naval Militia

Aero Corps

Each branch is the responsibility of a Captain. Enrollment in the militia generally is open to the public. Officer commissions are issued to landowning militia members who have demonstrated their commitment to the militia over time.

  • When there is a Miltia RP, an officer needs to be in attendance
  • If you need the Militita for a RP, please inform an officer in advance (48 hours is optimal) and let them know the role you’d like them to play


Enrollment in the Militia isopento any New Babbage resident, naturalized citizen, or visitor. ((You are enrolled in the militia if you are part of the New Babbage Volunteer Militia inworld group.)) Volunteers may serve in any branch they choose. All militia members are expected to adhere to theMilitia Code of Conduct. Any militia member abusing the Code will be banned from the Militia and possible face disciplinary action ((including possible citywide bans)).

As part of their enrollment, militia volunteers are entitled to the following:

  • Discounted uniforms, equipment, weapons and vehicles
  • Invitations to militia events, parades, exercises, and roleplay
  • Access to militia-only facilities: practice ranges, mess halls, armories, etc


Any serving militia member holding property in the City may apply to the Maceholder’s Office ((IM Aeolus Cleanslate inworld or email or to an existing officer for a commission in any of the four branches. Officer responsibilities include the following:

  • Represent the Militia – and the City – with pride, in keeping with New Babbage’s traditions, and obey the Militia Code of Conduct
  • Respect lawful orders from the Clockwinder, Maceholder, and senior officers.
  • Manage group membership and issue notices to the militia group.
  • Organize or preside over at least one militia event every month (Combat exercises, build contests, parades, exhibits, social and RP events.

In exchange, officers receive exclusive officer-only uniforms and equipment, the ability to pilot communal militia vehicles, and the undying respect of their fellow citizens.

NOTE: All officer Commissions automatically expire after six months, but can be renewed. Commissions can be revoked for cause by the Clockwinder, Maceholder, or senior officers at any time.

Senior Officers

One senior officer exists for each branch of the militia, and enjoy the full confidence of the City in organizing militia affairs. Senior officers are appointed by the Clockwinder or Maceholder of the City. Current senior officers are as follows:

  • Naval Minister/Minister of Defense – Maceholder Aeolus Cleanslate
  • Commodore of the New Babbage Naval Militia – Jedburgh30 Dagger
  • Troop Commander of the New Babbage Horse Guard – Gatsby Szuster

Vessels and Equipment

Builders wishing to display the official New Babbage Militia designation on their vessels or equipment may do so by meeting the following conditions:

  • a kiosk in militia headquarters and/or the militia recruitment office in City Hall can sell copies to any avatar in the militia group

Please consult with Aeolus Cleanslate for further details.


The history of the New Babbage Volunteer Militia can be foundin the archives


The militia is supposed to be a fun way to RP. It is not a police force or an excuse to grief others in any way, either in Babbage or elsewhere. In the past, individuals purporting to represent the Babbage armed forces have caused significant problems on the grid, with negative ramifications to the City and its residents. This will not be tolerated. Militia members engaging in RP or actual intimidation (whether in uniform or otherwise) will be expelled from the militia and possibly banned from Babbage or reported to the Lindens.

It is for this reason that officer commissions are distributed to landowners only, and only upon personal recommendation from a serving officer. Prior to obtaining a commission, militia members are expected to participate in roleplay and other functions while displaying appropriate behavior.