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Myrtil Igaly


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Myrtil is an orphan. She lost her parents when she was five years old. Her father was a French adventurous airship captain and her mother an English biologist and inventor. They died, along with her older brother, in a storm while they were flying above the Vernian Sea. She had been left to a neighbour and as she had no other known family left and that her parents were not really rich, she was sent to the orphanage.
Life wasn’t very happy there and Myrtil grew feeling like in prison. Sociable, she made some friends, but after a while, she decided she could no longer live in the orphanage and escaped.
She then found herself wandering in the streets of New Babbage and soon met a bunch of other urchins who brought her to the hideout in the attic of an old abandoned Imperial theatre where they lived.

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    The Urchins Of Babbage

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