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Mr Tenk


My time zone is SLT +1. I reserve Thursday night/Friday morning for letting you monopolize my time.

Office Hours are conducted over Steampunks of New Babbage chat.

Landholders should use Engineers of New Babbage first to call for routine assistance from city admins, then Steampunks of New Babbage if you don’t get a response.


Regular land is given 5 days grace before being reclaimed by the State (purple meter). Row houses, boat slips, and sea/air rights are not extended this courtesy, and may be reclaimed upon red meter. Blue meters are vacant and ready for move-in.

Real life can and will happen, let me know what is going on before your meter changes color.



For those not familiar with the layout of the city, there is a map showing locations of available real estate inside the tram station in Port Babbage, red for land, blue for rentals, purple for landless prim lots (i.e. parking spaces). The spike will give you the most recent listing on a notecard which has landmarks you can hop through.

To sell your land, contact me inworld so I can add it to the notecard in the city hall map. Advertising in the news forum helps also, as well as chatting it up in world in the group chat. Selling party must IM or notecard Mosseveno Tenk when transaction is complete to finalize land and meter transfer.