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Junie Ginsburg


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Junie Ginsburg
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Recently returning to the Steamlands from journeys that led her far from home, Miss Ginsburg discovered that she lost almost everything in a devastating inventory fire. She now begins the work of rebuilding her life, again. It’s not the first time.

Que sera, sera.


With Emerson Lighthouse, I am part-owner of the Gangplank, a historic pub in the Clockhaven district of New Babbage. Come visit us!

I like to take photos:

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Sep 25 2013 – 12:54pm

It’s that time again…

Sep 1 2013 – 10:30am

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Aug 4 2013 – 9:55pm

Wee Little Giant Slugs

Jul 13 2013 – 9:58pm

Another Bar to Avoid

Jun 11 2013 – 10:00pm

Ahab’s Fires The First…

Jun 11 2013 – 9:57pm

Casements BSOD

May 14 2013 – 6:44pm

Gangplank Staff Appreciation…

Apr 29 2013 – 10:08pm


Apr 27 2013 – 9:17am

The Mines of Falun

Mar 27 2013 – 8:14am

St. Patrick’s Day at The…

Mar 13 2013 – 9:32pm

St. Patrick’s Day at The…

Mar 3 2013 – 9:42pm

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My Groups

  • The New Babbage Ladies Liberty League

    Bustle Burning Bonefires, Rampaging with Picket Signs, Pie

  • Friends of the New Babbage Archive

    These noble unthanked persons maintain the Archives at our wiki project. You could be one too.

  • Roleplayers Anonymous

    Those who are simply addicted to the strife…

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