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Jon Chen


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One moment Shanghai was there, the next it…wasn’t! Everyone heard that it just sank beneath the waves, but the reason(s)… who can say? The fury of the Deep Ones at some affront? Seismic instability? Suffice to say that, luckily, I wasn’t in Shanghai at the time. I found my way to New Babbage, and while the place is sooty, the people are nice enough. I can not be sure, but I suspect the New Babbage soot agrees with me!


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At Piermont Landing

Dec 23 2014 – 12:58pm

Christmas is close at hand…

Dec 23 2014 – 12:55pm

It’s important to keep…

Dec 23 2014 – 12:52pm

Hearth and home versus the…

Dec 23 2014 – 12:48pm

Winter has come, but…

Dec 23 2014 – 12:44pm

It is Christmas, once again…

Dec 23 2014 – 12:42pm

Wine at the Piece de…

Dec 17 2014 – 7:09pm

The Lantern, Sunken Garden,…

Oct 3 2014 – 2:27pm

Autumn At The Sunken Garden 2

Oct 3 2014 – 2:25pm

Autumn At The Sunken Garden 1

Oct 3 2014 – 2:23pm

Autumnal Fireworks Over The…

Oct 3 2014 – 2:20pm

I blame the fog….

Jun 20 2014 – 2:06pm

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