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Jedburgh Dagger


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My father was an army officer who worked for the Foreign Service after going on half-pay. I traveled with him to his new postings abroad after Mother died. I completed university, and traveled a bit on my own, working many odd jobs here and there to pay the bills. I dabble a bit in paranormal investigations, am a fair hand at things mechanical, a crack shot with all manner of firearms, considered by some to be well read and at best amusing company. Lacking a suitable excuse, I accepted a commission as Commodore of the New Babbage Naval Militia, and also assist in the behind the scenes operations of the Aether Salon.
I am currently the lead agent for Terranova Investigations, which is based in New Babbage. We are currently taking clients for any number of investigative services.

Mrs J. Dagger
Terranova Investigative Services
#25 Merryman Way
New Babbage, New Babbage

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My Groups

  • New Babbage Volunteer Militia

    The umbrella organization for the City armed forces.

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