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Submitted by Junie Ginsburg on September 1, 2013 – 11:30am

Now that everyone has submitted their stories for Tales of New Babbage 3, I have a new writing assignment for you. (You DID submit a story, right? Right? Don’t disappoint a redhead holding a cleaver.) This writing assignment is much tastier though, and comes with a cash prize and instant notoriety! What’s not to love about that?

Last year during the air kraken migration the first Iron Bay Chef contest was held; it was intended to be an annual contest, so here we are again! Whether you are an evil genius or a street urchin (the two are not necessarily mutually-exclusive), whether have a kitchen or a secret lab, whether you cook in factory ovens or over campfires, I want YOU to roll up your sleeves, put those fancy-schmancy goggles to good use and whip up some good, old-fashioned, pungent mayhem. Let’s find out who is hungry for power and who is just HUNGRY!

Now…let’s throw a twisty tentacle into the game, shall we? Last year we required only that air kraken be an ingredient. This year, you will have your choice of the following meats:

  • Air kraken (aeronautica krakana – do not confuse with nautica krakana)
  • North Fells Black Worm (magnus sapidum pedicabor)
  • Wiggyfish (latimeria wiggia)

In addition to one or more of the above, you must ALSO include the secret ingredient – something found ONLY in New Babbage: cinderberries

This year my co-sponsor will be Ceejay Writer of The Scoundrel Fleet, and we’re both ready for some dangerous fun with food. But before you head out with your snares (high-caliber weapons, harpoons, etc.), there is one more thing that will be different than last year.  Instead of submitting your recipes to me inworld, please post them here on the BAR – that way adventurous chefs everywhere can try their hand at recreating your dish and let us know how it goes. Just put "IRON BAY CHEF" in the title of the post.

The contest will run from September 1 (today!) to October 1. Then, after Ceejay and I have prepared each dish in our respective kitchens and served them to our lucky taste-testers (preferably those with strong consitutions), we will post critiques on each recipe and announce who will be the next IRON BAY CHEF!

Ready? Get crackin’!

PRIZES:  L$1000, L$750, L$500.  The winning dishes will be added to the menus at the Gangplank. Last year’s winners here.)

UPDATE:  Multiple entries will be accepted if you have more than one recipe to submit.  Let’s limit it to 2 though.