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DEATH OF A PIANO or “Wiggy learns to upcycle”

Submitted by Wiggy Undertone on June 17, 2012 – 6:00pm


WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS IMAGES OF GRAPHIC PIANO VIOLENCE. If you love musical instuments, the following post may cause shock, and anxiety!

When I bought this house,  the previous owners left a piano behind.  It may look like a nice piano, but it was in very bad shape with so much work needed!  Several keys broken,  all the felt needed replacement, and the strings were rusted with a few broken.


I’ve tried to sell it, even tried to give it away, and no takers.  So what to do?  Take it apart and make new stuff out of it!  So I started taking it apart…


I didn’t really have a plan,  except to take it apart and see what the pieces suggested.  So, with hammer and chisel in hand I went to work.


Soon I had a pile of wood, and a pile of metal (strings, metal harp, hardware).  I started building and first made a bench from one of the piano sides and from the keybed.


Next, I made a cabinet from the top pieces of the piano.  I am especially happy with how this turned out.  I cut the "BAILY PIANO CO" metal logo off and placed in below the cabinet along with a few coathooks. I will soon finish the inside with red felt and letter boxes made from thin oak shelves. The cover is hinged and lifts up.


All in all, I think was a good project.  I will take the metal to a recycler and hopefully get a few dollars for it.  I still have a lot of wood left over for other projects.  The total material that will go to the landfill is quite small, and I got a nice bench and cabinet out of the process! Maybe there is something to this ‘upcycling’ trend after all!