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Citizens of New Babbage

Aeolus Cleanslate

Aeolus is pronounced "ay-OH-luss" but my friends call me "AE," as in "ay-EE". Aeolus ae(o)-lus is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "variable, changeable". Latin form of Aiolos. Greek mythology: Aiolos was the god of the winds. In the 19th century, a brand of church organs was manufactured … (more)


Although it appears customary to disclose one’s origins among these pages, I fear that discretion must be the better part of valor and prevent me from doing so too elaborately in this case. Some may imagine that my recent return to these lands from exile abroad comes with its share of burdens, … (more)

More About Me Steamweaver

Traveller, explorer, swiper of leftovers. Surviving on the streets of New Babbage.

Ahnyanka Delphin


The fire of the blast caught her unaware and she was knocked unconscious as the beautiful club in Babbage Square went up in flames. The New Champagne Rooms, a stately brick building across from the town hall, was in ruins because some crazy harridan decided that alcohol was a bad thing and … (more)

Alaex Aeon

Owner of Aeon’s Elixir Factory in Port

Exporter and Entrepreneur

Alexx McLaglen

More About Me Bligh

Bligh’s simple demeanour obscures any deeper thoughts. He is a man who holds his cards quite close to his vest, though willing on occasion to offer assistance to those in need. All that is known about his past is that he considers the circumstances which landed him in his current state of … (more)


Apparently originating in Wales, he has travelled about the Indies and Oceania, spending some time in the Caribbean before arriving in New Babbage. Seems to be employed in shipping.

Alyssa Hawthorn

Alyssa is a fifteen year old flower child, twirling to Stevie Nicks songs across the steamlands. Currently taking up residence in New Babbage.


Alyssa was born in New Orleans Louisianan and was ran out of town shortly after her Grandmother’s death, because of her family’s nefarious history with the occult. Her only possessions are her Grandmother’s White pearl ring and rosary that was left to her. She also carries a strange necklace … (more)

Angel Gunnerkrigg

Angel is a silent, enigmatic young lady of seemingly regal and refined upbringing. In spite of this, Angel does not seem to show any emotion, leading some to believe she is a very well built automaton, although she will deny it when asked.



Angel was supposedly employed by the Solan family of Caledon as a maid. This however is an out right fabrication and any and all records she has provided are forged. One thing is sure though, this woman is completely incapable of any emotion what-so-ever.


The Archivist is the keeper of New Babbage records and information resources. Imagine a patent clerk.


Strangely, the Archivist is never seen on the streets of New Babbage, at least no one can remember seeing him. Perhaps that’s because he never leaves the archives, or perhaps he simply keeps hours that take him to his home when no one seems to be around. Come to think of it, no one really knows … (more)

Arconus Arkright

Call me "Arkright." No "Mr." just "Arkright" will do.

A humble student, a teetotaler (mostly), an inveterate dilettante, a fan of physical culture, a shameless "Wilde Childe" and an unrepentant libertine. Not bad at maths.


Dear Mother and Father,

I did receive your letter and, in answer to your questions:

1) yes, I do remember your address;

2) no, my hands are not broken and incapable of holding a pen;

3) agreed, my sudden, gruesome death would be an excuse for not writing, but that hasn’ … (more)

More About Me