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Bugs and Feature Requests


Submitted by Cyan Rayna on August 14, 2010 – 11:28am


Things we are working on currently:

Delete own Comments
Follow Content without a comment
Login for this site should also work for the Wiki
Bulk E-mail to Users

Things we continuing to work on:

Fix PNG Thumbnails
Better User Profiles
Fix North Fells SL Link
Feature Location Repeating Text
Inspiration Isn’t Showing (Build Directory)
Blog Rolling
Drop Down Menu for Character Status (IC, OOC)

Things that have been taken care of:

Profile Photo Link
Attach to event causes an error
Personal Galleries
TinyMCE Strikethrough and Underline
Rich Text no longer adding paragraphs

If there is anything on these lists that shouldn’t be where they are please let me know.

Please continue to post any issues or feature requests here.


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