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Did I have a wife? A family? A house I loved? A job I hated? A sorry little life ebbing away second by second by second?

Who knows? Who cares. I don’t remember. Whatever I had I traded away to become a god. It’s a work in progress that keeps me ever so busy.

So, what does “high functioning” mean? Someone really needs to turn off that music. And whose pills are these?


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G.A.N.K.E.R Rockets by SIMCo

Aug 17 2014 – 12:01am

“Certified Steamy”…

Jul 6 2013 – 5:50am

Tesla Tower Brooch

Jun 19 2013 – 5:05pm

GANKER Missile

May 12 2013 – 9:38pm

The Fall Season

Sep 27 2012 – 12:51pm

SIMCo Letterhead

Jun 26 2012 – 1:35pm

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