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Best RPG Games of All Time

In the world of video games, there are video games of entirely different genres. We have those of action, adventures, platforms, shooters, strategy, musicals, driving, simulators, etc. in spite of everything, personally, for the games that I usually care more about than for any other are the RPG.

Whether it’s the world I’m transported to, the story they tell me, their characters I manage to empathize with, their mechanics or other factors get me hooked during the dozens that usually last sometimes. Of course there are cases and cases, and of course, not all RPG succeed and excel above the rest of the titles that exist.

For all this, we wanted to draw up in VidaExtra the following list made up of those we consider to be 27 of the best RPG that exists for PC, and that should not be missing in anyone’s library. Of course, the choice we have made is personal, and you agree, or we do not invite you to tell us in the comments what are yours and the reasons for it.

Let us now go over what was chosen.

  1. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced

The list is headed by Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, one of the most classic role-playing video games developed 20 years ago by BioWare, something that is noted for the epic fantasy adventure that presents us. This remastering is done by Beamdog and includes all the original content along with its expansion tales of the Sword Coast, new characters and other content never seen before until now.

  1. Child of Light

Aurora is the protagonist of Child of Light, a fantasy RPG with a somewhat peculiar visual art. Ubisoft Montreal took care of its development, and the game will move us to the magical world of Lemuria, where the darkness has taken over the Kingdom. With the help of a firefly called Igniculus, we will have to recover the sources of light that have been stolen and thus return it to normal as we participate in shifts fighting.

  1. Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III is the third and final part of the award-winning from Software saga. No matter how challenging it may be, even sometimes being only suitable for the most skilled, IT is a fantastic action RPG with exceptional ambiance and fighting that have made it an essential for the lovers of the genre.

  1. Darkest Dungeon

Red Hook Studios invites us with Darkest Dungeon to enter some dark dungeons in which we will have to control a group of heroes who will have to deal with psychological problems caused by hunger, fatigue, fear and other factors that will complicate our victories in the shiftwork battles we will face against all kinds of monsters with 16 different characters.

  1. Diablo II

The Devil saga is one of the best-known video games and a key piece in Blizzard. Of all the deliveries that are part of it, it must be recognized that his successor did not achieve the level reached by Diablo II. Such was his success that even 18 years after his publication, there are still players on his servers wishing to finish off Diablo and the rest of the older Demons.