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Becky Blackcinder


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Becky is an orphanage kid who has no idea who her parents are. Her earliest memories are of the old orphanage, where they called her Becky Blackcinder because of her raven-black hair, and probably in anticipation of a childhood spent cleaning chimneys.
What they didn’t anticipate is that she’s a bit of a prodigy when it comes to music. At five years old she picked up a violin in a shop. Before anyone could stop her, she’d already worked out some notes–the instrument just made sense to her. Soon afterward she acquired a fiddle of her own–probably through theft, but who knows–and ever since then it’s been her most prized possession. She busks around the city, or just plays on rooftops and in alleys, listening to the sweet sounds echoing off the buildings of New Babbage.
Some time in the distant future her name will be known far and wide–Rebecca Black, the famed concert violinist. But for our Becky that’s all still just a daydream.


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