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Although it appears customary to disclose one’s origins among these pages, I fear that discretion must be the better part of valor and prevent me from doing so too elaborately in this case. Some may imagine that my recent return to these lands from exile abroad comes with its share of burdens, many of which would simply be better off forgotten. I am determined to start anew, putting the sordid events of my past, both here and abroad, behind me. With the gracious permission of those noble denizens among whom I now find myself, I fully intend to establish – dare I say earn? – a position of respect and prosperity, based on my own skill and merits, and not that of any fortune I may have inherited or past events which may have cast any doubt over my character.


Some of my future projects:

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Aug 27 2014 – 7:28pm

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Nov 2 2012 – 12:33pm

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Sep 15 2012 – 8:44am

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Jun 23 2012 – 2:23pm


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Fourth Annual Airship Regatta

Jan 13 2012 – 4:50pm

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Jan 13 2012 – 2:18pm

Tales of New Babbage, Vol 1

Jan 13 2012 – 12:04pm

Clockwinder’s Postulate…

Jan 13 2012 – 6:24am

Clockwinder’s Postulate…

Jan 13 2012 – 6:24am

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My Groups

  • New Babbage Volunteer Militia

    The umbrella organization for the City armed forces.

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