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3rd Annual Flash Fiction Contest – R. F. Burton Library

Submitted by Canolli Capalini on October 28, 2010 – 3:19am

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is closing upon that time again, where once a year, the R.F. Burton library implores you to reach with your creative genius..  your spark..  and create.  Beginning November 1st, through December 15th, the R.F. Burton Library will be accepting submissions for it’s 3rd Annual Flash Fiction Contest. 

To clarify for any newcomers..  Flash fiction is a genre of writing that challenges the author to be brief.  Complete a story, a moment in time, in 600 or less words.  You might think that impossible, but please pick up a copy of the last two compilations "Dialogues" at the library.  You can see that the published submissions are quite entertaining and brilliant. 

This years theme is going to be Transformations.  That can be any sort of transformation;  biological, chemical, robotic, emotional, etc.  It just needs to be set in a steampunk manner.  There is no right or wrong here..  just go with it.

Here are some rules:

1.  All entries must be submitted with RFB3 and the author’s name in the title of the notecard.  Any otherwise will be summarily discarded.

2.  All entries must have the Title of the piece, the author’s name and the WORD COUNT listed at the top of the notecard.

3.  Illustrations are accepted and must be submitted full perm (that’s right, you can illustrate your magnificent Opus).

4.  The winner of the Contest will be the first story featured in the published version and will receive 5000 lindens.  Subsequent runner-up will also be mentioned in the forward and will receive 2000 lindens.  (There are no losers here, people, this is just for extra incentive).

5.  Just to be clear, the winner of the contest is chosen by me, Canolli Capalini.  There is no questioning it, there is no rhyme or reason, and it is entirely on my whim.  I’ve been doing Flash fiction for years and have a fair idea of well-written short short prose.  If I’ve chosen a story as the winner, I will give you a reason if asked, but remember..  I am judge, jury and executioner of this thing.

All stories that are submitted to the contest remain the author’s property, but will be for use of the library in any way it sees fit.  That means I can reprint your story, publish your story in connection with the R. F. Burton, distribute it and publish it online as part of the R.F. Burton collection. 

This contest is open to ALL.  You do NOT have to be a Babbagite to participate.. You can be from anywhere in SL.  If you are not from New Babbage, it would be helpful if you note that you’re from Steelhead, Caledon, etc.  It makes absolutely no difference in the judging, I am not biased in favor of the cobblestoned city.

Beginning November 1st, there will be a mailbox posted just inside the doors of the library.  You may drop notecards there, or submit them direct to Canolli Capalini.  I will not accept any submissions prior to November 1st and none AFTER December 15th.  Normally I run this contest Mid November to the end of December, but my vacation time (when I put the book together) has shifted slightly this year.  Instead of being off RL work the week between Christmas and New Years, I’m off the week prior to the imminent holiday.

If you have any questions, please contact myself or Serafina Puchkina, the established librarian for the R.F. Burton.  

Thank you for your time,


Capalini Fine Furnishings

P.S. Please note.  This is all in fun.  The library is owned by me and run by Serafina, and we do this out of our love of libraries and in the spirit of having fun.