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2011 Oiling Festival

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Submitted by Mr Tenk on March 18, 2011 – 5:47am

The Oiling Festival is a steampunk answer to spring cleaning, when we halt the factories to clean out the grit and grime of the previous year and perform our annual maintenance. All good citizens and visiting steamlanders are encouraged to roll up their sleeves, show their national pride,  and participate! The original Oiling Festival was held in 2009 to add needed items to the city inventory and invite the greater steamlands to experience the Babbage way of life for a week. The drawbridges in Wheatstone Waterways, the city tartans,  naval jack, the Sea Gate, and the palettes of bricks that appear at every build site and the crates of goods on the piers are all artifacts of previous Oiling Festivals.

Festival opens at noon, Friday, March 18. Building stops at noon on Saturday, March 26 so we can all get cleaned up in time for the RFL kickoff at the Carnivale Ball at Piermont Landing, and begin judging.

Part of the fun of Oiling Festival week is watching the builders while they work and learning new tricks from each other. You are strongly encouraged to work in place if you are considering going for the large build contests.

This year’s categories are:

‹ Skeeball Tournament May 16th at BatterseaNew from Ying Research Company ›

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