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MMORPG Games You Must Try,

Guide for Star Citizen

Welcome to the City of New bbage where all your dreams come true. The 21st century is the era of computer software and sensors and the city of New Babbage is the trading hub for the products of Microtech which is the monopolistic firm for the software and sensors. The city of new Babbage must have been named after the father of the modern computer, Charles Babbage, as a tribute to his contribution towards the world of computer today. To know more about this trading hub you are always welcome to visit the star citizen guide website. Even if you are not a trader, we request you to visit it once to have a lifetime experience in the tech world.

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    News and Star Citizen Guide Website

    Star citizen guide is a multiplayer combat game which deals with space trading. Space trading is comparatively a novel concept in the gaming industry and we can surely say that the game makers have no dearth of ideas to experiment with. You can find the star citizen guide on their website and get to play. this game is still an emerging and upcoming game that came up in 2011. The director of the game Chris Roberts made this game with crowdfunding of $250 million. Quite a fascinating story, isn’t it? visit their website to know more. The website guides you on how to play the game.

    Changes in Star Citizen Gameplay with the Latest Update

    The star citizen guidewebsite has depicted some major changes in the website lately. Here are the five major positive developments that took place according to the website.

    1. In 3.9 there is a new introduction of Crusader and they have been given landing zones
    2. In 3.9, vultures are a new feature.
    3. There have been Multicrew improvements in version 3.9
    4. There are Shield updates that have moved from version 3.7 to version 3.6
    5. The Seated handling of items in 3.9 is impressive

    Other MMORPGs You Must Try

    There are hundreds of MMORPG available on the online website out there, but we suggest you the best of them:

    1. World of Warcraft: the wow game will definitely leave you with a wow and your mouth opened at the end of the game. This MMORPG is best for pvp.
    2. Elder Scrolls: this one has a strong storyline and is compatible with both PVP and PvE gameplay
    3. Guild Wars 2: a fantasy-themed game that can be played in both PVP and PvE gameplay mode.
    4. Maple Story 2: a free cartooned themed game that is a must play
    5. The Lord of the Rings: this game is based on the famous trilogy and the blockbuster movie series.
    6. Runescape: this is the most aged of all the MMORPG games and has a vintage factor to it.
    7. Rift: a skill-based game with a weird storyline.
    8. Star Wars: this is till date the most loved game based on space.
    9. DC Universe: this is an adventure packed superhero hero game
    10. Dungeons and Dragons: talking about MMORPGs and not mentioning this game is utter injustice to the entire gaming community.

    Best Free Online RPG Games

    The best rpg slots like Golden Grimoire, Fruit Case, Archangels: Salvation, Fruit Spin, Gonzo’s Quest and many more of the sort can be played in the online casino’s websites. The legal online casinos have of late started offering these unique slot games and they are really fun to play. the subscriber can play these slot games to win real money for free by using the no deposit casino bonus that the casino offers. The casino bonus is the amount that the casino offers the player to play the games for free, the casino bonus is purely a promotional stunt of the casinos to attract more and more customers.

    What MMORPG Has the Best Community?

    A good community is always required to enjoy the game to the fullest. Therefore we present to you the list of the best games that has the best communities.

    1. Team Fortress 2: despite the toxicity that all competitive games have to face, this one is quite friendly
    2. Battlefield: at first sight, it may seem a little mean but trust us you will love it later

    Legendary Characters from MMORPGs Worlds

    It’s the character that makes the storyline strong, be it a movie or a game. Friends who are familiar to the MMORPGs will agree that EVE ONLINE has the best character creating criteria. Despite flying planes and tracing the charts for the most time in the game, this game provides an excellent quality of video and graphics. And the liberty that the game gives to choose from facial features to clothes to body features is quite impressive.

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