What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

From New Babbage Department of Records and Archives

The first recorded utterance of this phrase (as it pertains to life in New Babbage), was on June 28, 2008, well into a Ning discussion regarding Django Yifu's acquisition of what came to be known as the Monster Hand

In spite of reassurances of "Safety Guaranteed!", townsfolk were apprehensive. As this rather impressive and disgusting adventure played out, Miss Beq Janus plotted a certain plan of action [1][2] deep in the comments of that same Ning entry. Her plan seemed sound, and caused Miss Ceejay Writer to exclaim, "It certainly seems like a logical, well thought out plan. What could possibly go wrong? I hope you locate a proper heat source to do this deed!"

Mister Asrei Foden promptly responded, "Miss Writer, any person as intelligent as you should know not to say, "What could possibly go wrong" in matters as serious as this."

In times ahead, the saying "What could possibly go wrong?" was uttered with increasing frequency in New Babbage. It remains the ultimate ironic saying in this town of mad scientists, villains, inventors, tinkerers, pirates and who knows what's going to arrive tomorrow?

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