Sunrise Experiment

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The Sunrise Experiment was an early attempt at opening a door to another world. It was performed by Alexander Eliot and his team on Sunrise. The experiment failed blowing up half the island. The Island is now known as Goony island.

Listen to the Sunrise Cylinder recording [HERE]

What follows is a transcript of the "Sunrise cylinder" discovered on the corpse of Giles Canning on 14 August. This transcript was presumably made by Prof. Nishi and found among her notes:

[crackle] [something spoken, indecipherable] It's recording. Recording. Yes, I have the green light... okay, I think. Okay, alright. um... cylinder recording of advanced stages of the Porta Terrarum Experiment. For those (of) the 13 Club who [?as yet not know] the device constricted by Prof. Eliot is of [?immense] power. The Power is such that we hope it can puncture a hole between our world and beyond. What lies beyond is a new world of discoveries of possibility and perhaps energies we've never dreamed possible. [various noises here] Leading the experiment here at Sunrise Island is Prof Eliot himself, aided by new assistant Giles Canning. All systems are at prime functionality, and the steam is really starting to billow. [shrill noise] Well. We've just heard the go-ahead to open the main valve. It all starts here. History is about to be made. [signal noise continues] [long silence] It would appear everything is in order. Prof Eliot has already given the signal to push all pressure gauges to above the normal. And, oh.. wait a second... uh.. Master Canning is...[ ? ] something about the distance energy flux. Um... But not to worry. I'm sure everything will perfec-[alarm sounds here] Okay, wait. We have a warning. We have warning signal. I'm not sure what it's about. [rumble... horn whistle] Wait... Professor Eliot is indeed signaling an evacuation of the complex. We are now moving towards the exits. um... there's a lot of confusion. [terrible rumbling, roaring sound] ... what is that? Oh my god! [that?] [?explosion] [silence]

Total time elapsed: 2.40 minutes (end of transcript)

———Bellatrix S. Bracken

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