Srizzle Snake

From New Babbage Department of Records and Archives

Srizzle Snakes are marine species that is new to the waters of New Babbage. It is yellow with distinctive brown stripes. The bites are highly poisonous. Srizzle snake is edible, with the right preparation. Persons of thaumaturgical talent believe that eating the flesh of the snakes increases the potency of one's crafting, although there is no hard evidence to support this superstition. Populations of srizzle snakes appear to be increasing year to year. One local naturalist reported seeing a large swarm of them leaping and diving in Iron Bay. The snakes usually disappear from the canals when the Wiggyfish return to spawn.

YoYo Underby was seen tickling for snakes off the dock in Iron Bay, which he would then give to his wife to cook for him.

Phaedra Byrne has been known to milk the snakes for the venom.

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