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Babbagers have a hard time resisting an opportunity to prank. Some of the worst pranks happen when people make the mistake of announcing that they will be out of town for the weekend.

New Bloomage

While Tenk's typist was out of town for his annual crew refresher, Elleon Bergamaxo and Victor1st Mornington announced a city wide flower show. It was cleaned up by the time Tenk got back into town, but he was greeted by a stack of incrimintating photos and notecards of gratitude from tourists that came to see the follies, including this one:

Dear Mayor Tenk ---

I cannot tell how my heart soared with joy to see that Spring arrived in Babbage!! Everywhere I looked-- the beauty of Babbage and its' sims was in blom with the freshness of the season! A true pleasure to take in the sights on an early spring day.

--Mari Moonbeam

One admin went so far as to change the city terrain textures to grass.

Results of the "Enter at your own Risk" flower show

This past weekend was an exciting one! Spring winds seem to have blown fertile seeds from goodness knows where onto our shores, and as the Mayor was not around to dis-encourage sprouting, we ended up with rather alot of foliage about town. Some images captured have already been posted, but I wished to post a few of my own. The absurdity of the weekend strikes my fancy, as well as some of the contrast in the images.. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the prank~for me, this is what makes New Babbage stand out from the rest of the grid; the wonderful people who have chosen to play there.

Sincerely, E. Bergamasco

April Fool's Day

Edward Pearse painted Stargirl MacBain's house in pinks and purples by carefully placing a prim mantle over her house. [1]

She retaliated by having coal delivered to his mansion. [2]

Mr. Pearse also covered all the city clocktowers with a Micky Mouse style clockface featuring Tenk in place of Mickey. [3] [4] [5]

Rip Wirefly sent flowers to Kaylee at the Serenity Steamworks [6] [7]

Tenk responded by signing a tax. [8]

The Church grounds were flamingo'd with over 200 pink plastic yard fowl. [9]

Which were soon hustled away by a containment crew of wayward garden gnomes.[10]

Christmas Eve Coal Deliveries

Many Babbagers log in on Christmas morning to find that their house has been buried in coal. This phenonom has also been noted at the Whitehorn Library in Victoria City and the Guvnah's mansion in Caledon.

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