New Babbage Cog

From New Babbage Department of Records and Archives

Chronicling the city's first year, the New Babbage Cog was New Babbage's first newspaper. Founded and edited by Junie Ginsburg, the Cog was first distributed in-world on notecards via newspaper boxes at NB telehubs as well as directly to members of the New Babbage Cog SL group.

Eggberta Echegaray came on-staff as a reporter and then assistant editor, eventually taking over the paper when Ms. Ginsburg retired in May 2007. Ms. Echegaray had begun publishing the paper on an Aethernet Wordpress blog in April 2007 and continued to do so until December 2007, when the paper shut down.

The New Babbage Cog Archive is now a valuable resource for researching the city's history.

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