Mermaid Arcade

From New Babbage Department of Records and Archives

Builder: Pizzini Mayo
built (Babbage Square) 2007
built (Port Babbage) September 2007
derezzed January 6, 2012


The original Mermaid Arcade was in Babbage Square, then was rebuilt to the familiar white colonades when Port Babbage. It was last of the 3 original "front row" builds on the old Port Babbage, where it stood for over 3 years. Many residents recall getting their start by renting out a shop in the 2 story arcade. The interior had the feel of old walking malls of the late 19th century. Changes within Second Life that made outlet shops and commercial land less of a necessity than in the early years, combined with the slagging real world economy of the early 10's, brought the gates of the Arcade to a close in December of 2011.


In Auckland, New Zealand, there is a walking mall under Central Backpackers hostel that looks remarkably like the interior of Mermaid Arcade, as has been noted by Viv Trafalgar and Mosseveno Tenk.

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