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(Since I don't remember what was here before, I thought I'd post my notes on basic Wiki page creation and editing that I offered at the Academy classes. The advantage is that if some idiot spammer wipes it out again, I can easily recreate it.)

Log in/create account on right side

--"real name" is optional, and probably not necessary

Create new page:
--Decide on title for page, type that in Search box on left side--be very careful not to get typos in there, as it cannot easily be changed--click either Go or Search
--Chose good title, will say "There is no page titled..." "You can create this page." Click on create this page.
--Get blank canvas

--Type in whatever text you want.
--italic (2 ' symbols surrounding text)
--bold (3 ' symbols surrounding text)
--bold and italic (5 ' symbols surrounding text)
  • one bullet (1 * symbol at the beginning of the line, with no space between it and first word of line)
    • two bullets (2 * symbols)
--numbered list--use # instead of *, same syntax
--indented text--use : instead of *, same syntax
--section headings
--don't use for top level--not needed
-- ==Level 2== (2 = symbols surrounding the text for the heading), etc.
--Table of contents will appear at top when 4 headings are added--generated above first heading (see
--[ Text for link, if desired ] (without spaces between text and brackets)
--Flickr picture link--just the http:// link, no syntax around it--if don't want Flickr account, could send copy of pic to me, I'll post it to my account, and send link
--Can always hit 'Edit' at top of any page or any section to see how it's organized--be careful not to screw it up, though

--Internal organization

--Can link to main pages using Categories
--i.e. Biography--at very end, add two brackets, Category:Biographies, two brackets at the end
--Tales from New Babbage--two brackets, Category:Tales_From_New_Babbage, two brackets at the end
--Builds of New Babbage--two brackets, Category:Babbage_Builds, two brackets at the end
--can create organizational page like Biographies page, and link subpages to that--problem is, organizational page is organized to display alphabetically, not chronologically--if subpages need to be read chronologically, just create text links (e.g.
--can add to more than one category--put them all on the same line
--Up to you whether you want to create long, single page for stories (like Verlia Bilavio) or break it down (like Bookworm Hienrichs)--latter makes more sense for Livejournal/other external links
--If line starts with *, will need to change that to something else
--this is syntax I tried--up to you if you want to follow it

--Deleting pages

--don't think contributors can, only administrators--Aeolus Cleanslate is one
--can click "move," which allows for creating a new page with that content, with a new name--but if old page is linked to, must remember to change those


--contact Bookworm Hienrichs--if I don't know the answer, I'll ask around and try to get it
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