Emerson Lighthouse and the Mines of Falun

From New Babbage Department of Records and Archives


Part 1 - The Winter of My Feral Morlocks

Martin Malus, head bartender at the Gangplank, had been secretly taking food to the Morlocks he encountered beneath Clockhaven in his last adventure with Emerson Lighthouse, in an attempt to win their trust. Little did he know that great changes were about to happen beneath the city. We begin our adventure with a glimpse into the young Squire's ambitious mind...

About a month later, Morlocks make contact with Malus, revealing their situation since Victor Mornington's new pumphouse accidentally flushed out the entire city sewer system [1].

Malus begins working on a new liquor and cooks the books.

The first run of liquor is tested. Malus considers new ways to communicate with the Morlocks.

Malus devises a plan to share his meals and the bakery stales with the Morlocks without Junie noticing.

Malus is denied access to the archives at City Hall while attempting to research the underground

The Gangplank is robbed. Emerson and Malus made a run to Cleetus' farm to get supplies to save the bar

Malus steals his first corpse after seeing Bookworm and others investigating a crime scene

Malus locates another corpse, but he is unable to retrieve it before the coroner comes for it.

The Morlocks pay a visit to Malus.

Malus decides to do use the library to research the history of the city underground system. His past catches up with him as the current curator of the archives is an old school mate that remembered his bullying.

The Morlocks complain of lack of fresh meat.

After driving Mumsy to the messenger depot so she could have her valentine delivered, Malus gains access to the public works archives after bribing Br. Falodir. Mumsy noticed the exchange and draws unwelcome conclusions that serve to futher complicate Malus' situation.

Part 2 - Dunsany Rising

The Gangplank has an early customer that appears to be behind the times. But wait, have we met him before?

Malus moves the Morlocks to a new location under Babbage Square. And just in time...

The Morlocks hear music near their new lair.

Petra receives a threatening letter.

We meet another of the Morlocks.

Tepic negotiates a treaty with the Morlocks on behalf of the urchin population

Two bankers disappear. Petra sees something strange in the sewers.

Dr. Joe reacquiants himself with the surface of the city.

At the Gangplank, Malus and Kaylee tease Petra Flax about the urban legend of Dunsany, which leads Petra to take a dare to go into the sewers to test it.

Dr. Joe asks Nefertiti to find a way to get back to his lab, which is under the area which caved in.

Malus writes some thoughts about the Morlocks and their culture

Nefertiti retrieves Dr. Joe's vial from Malus' footlocker, and is given a message to deliver to the Church Fathers.

Junie discovers that the Gangplank is broke, so Emerson decides they need a week long vacation at the best hotel in Falun.

The Morlocks do some exploring on their own, and with Malus

Emerson writes his customary letters of departure, including one to ask Victor Mornington for a loan. Emerson offers the Gangplank as collateral

Dr. Joe gets some bad news about his health, and Emperor Crumb predicts bad weather

Dr. Joe attempts to blackmail the Church

Malus visits his old teacher, Brother Lapis

Part 3 - The Road to Falun

Emerson, Junie, Malus, Petra, and Lottie the autonomous automaton depart for Falun

Malus recounts the events of his last night in New Babbage in his journal.

Petra tells a scary story at first night's camp. Things begin to go wrong.

Garnet Psaltery has a chance meeting with Dr. Joe and Nefertiti at the train station. She hires them as couriers for a package she must have delivered to Falun.

Mumsy recalls having tea with Martha when they were young women.

Out on the Fells, things have gone wrong.

Our adventurers reach Cleetus' farm by surprising means, while Dr. Joe and Nefertiti catch up by train.

The two travelling parties arrive in Falun.

Part 4 - Emerson's Five and a Half

Emerson and his party make a pretense of being on holiday.

The Sheriff recognizes Petra.

Meanwhile, in New Babbage, Thomas longs to return to the deep caverns under Clockhaven.

Lottie enters the underground to look for Malus.

Mrs. Vorpal's corpse is cared for, Father Vorpal confronts Emerson about the real purpose of Emerson's 'vacation.'

The Sheriff, Nerfertiti, and Dr. Joe catch up with Malus.

A glimpse of Dr. Joe's notebook...

Dr. Joe outlines his grand plan.

Millburn Pennybags, CEO of the Pipco Mining Corporation, gets a report on the recent violence.

Mr. Pennybags hears of a plot to rob the mine and doubles security.

Emerson puts his plan into motion.

The caper is pulled off, and Malus does the math.

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