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Millie is pretty sure her full name is "Mildred," but no one calls her that. She's an urchin, nine or ten years old. She'a also a "moreau," a product of experiments with human/animal gene splicing, which is to say she's basically half squirrel. This makes her good at climbing, so if you're looking for her, rooftops are not a bad place to start.


The short answer is, she's not really sure.
Many orphans are unsure of their actual origins, but it's one thing to wonder who your parents might have been, and another to wonder why you exist at all. Is she a scientific experiment herself, or a descendant of bygone experiments? She has no idea.
What she does know is that she's a child of New Babbage. It's the only city she can remember. She's slept at the orphanage, on rooftops, in various deserted buildings (when you're that good a climber, it's not hard to get in windows). At the moment, she's in the employ of a local gentleman who pays her to climb onto ships in the harbor and take things like cargo manifests. As a squirrel, she's uniquely suited for the job.
She would love to know more about her origins. But right now she's living in the moment, because, for the moment, a squirrel kid in the city isn't such a bad thing to be.


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