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Johannes, Graf (Count) von Mahlberg, arrived in New Babbage in 1881 with his beautiful and charming wife, Elizabeth, Grafin (Countess) von Mahlberg. German, artistocratic, noble, and loyal...but does the Graf have a secret? Only time will tell....

I am the proprietor of Mahlberg Tailors and Club

Married to the beautiful Elizabeth, Grafin von Mahlberg. Our home is in the Academy Sim.


HIH Graf von Mahlberg, is the only son of Herzog (Duke) and Herzogin (Duchess) von Lorstein. Johannes is a member of the royal Germanic House of Lorstein and the heir to the Dukedom of Lorstein.

As Herzog von Lorstein admired all things English, he sent Johannes to England to learn the ways of the English and to further his education. Johannes attended Eton College and Oxford University. It was at Oxford he met and fell in love with his wife Elizabeth. Upon hearing Johannes' intention to marry Elizabeth, his father disinherited him and banished him from Lorstein. Johannes eloped with Elizabeth and migrated to America.

After a few years in New York, the new Graf and Grafin von Mahlberg headed out west to New Babbage.

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