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--------------------Who is Loki
Loki is a 11 year kitty who really likes to wander about picking through pockets and alleyways ( with freinds or alone) for anything shiny and useful to sell out.
Loki love to learn ,and read, drink, and flirt. though he would never admit the last. Even though he loves the streets and the sites and smells in such, he is still a gentleman to the ladies and others .
When not "working" the Port, Loki can be found rubbing elbows with the locals, on adventures, or Playing a good game of fencing.


---------------- Where from--------------
Loki Hails from across the great lake back west somewhere in his 11 years of life he has spent much stowing away on airships, on distant travels to many ports around the globe New Babbage was his destination all long and a place he calls home.


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