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Well, i reckon i was never really the type to butter m'self up, but here it goes. I'm John, Some folk call me Jack, I don't mean to scare ya, honest I don't I jus' Can't rightly help it none. Still, if ya don't go runnin off into hills hollerin' to all creation then sit a spell and share a drink, you'll find no fellow more amicable than myself, really.


Hailing from the city of Chicago's rougher south side John had a surprisingly good upbringing, still as the third of four boys he got into his fair share of trouble. A number of unfortunate events have left Wright both Physically and mentally changed from his youth. Now at age 37, after the failure of his Business and with his Creditors in America breathing down his neck John finds himself stranded in New Babbage and being drawn back into a life he swore he would leave behind.


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