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Dr. Jekyll, Chief of Medicine at the Baldas Memorial Hospital, is a well-meaning chemist trying to make sense of the city through medicine and relative helpfulness.
Mr. Hyde, allegedly working for Dr. Jekyll, is about as mean as he is street-wise.
To the public, it's a mystery how these two men came to be associated with each other. A mystery that should be kept a mystery, for who knows what chaos may happen if their little secret was revealed?


After the untimely death of Sir Danvers Carew, the brilliant Doctor Henry Jekyll had decided to leave the streets of London for the more scientific community of New Babbage. He's quickly getting the hang of the city-state's oddness, and presents himself as a well-meaning chemist with a Medical Degree on the side. This arrangement would have been just fine if it weren't for the fact that Edward Hyde had followed him into town.
Now, as many of you had probably guessed, Hyde happens to be Jekyll's more vile persona, the result of an experiment in human morality and rouge chemistry.
In the past, the only way for Jekyll to become Hyde was to drink a certain potion. Recently, however, poor Jekyll has been mutating into Hyde at random without the influence of his drug, leaving the latter to his vile pleasures. Mr. Hyde's walking on thin ice, though. One horribly wrong move, and he'd get another price on his head.
The whole ordeal between the two is a balancing act that they keep secret from their neighbors. Jekyll is trying to find a way to regain control of his double life, but are things really as simple as good and evil?


((My current display name is: Dr. Henry Jekyll. I'm using an RLV renamer when Edward Hyde is the active personality.))


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