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An elderly clockmaker and seller, Mr. McKenzie, once constructed a mechanical shop assistant to help in his store, using the remains of a child’s stuffed toy bear and some miscellaneous clock components. He gave his creation the name of “River Falcon” after randomly scanning the pages of a yellowed dusty atlas and he then took the clockwork bear to work in his store. The invention proved its worth in the store, by attracting a great deal of attention from customers and passers-by alike. However, a thief also spied River Falcon and decided to steal him as an attraction for a travelling circus. It was then that River Falcon's adventures truly begun.


The most important noticeable feature of River Falcon was the addition of a mechanical reading eye, which allowed him to read the labels of the clocks and timepieces for potential shop customers. It was his superb reading ability that allowed him to achieve his true potential and to discover how the power of the written word could change his life for the better: how he could discover the true meaning of both friendship and love.


Public Announcement: We regret to inform you that Mr. Albert Ebenezer McKenzie sadly passed away last Friday. The funeral will be held at St Mary's Church, Main Street, New Babbage at 12.00 noon on Monday September 22nd. In lieu of flowers, please send contributions to the benevolent fund of the Processional Association of Master Clock Makers and Sellers. Thank you.

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