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the always friendly slightly mad scientist and occultist in New Babbage
Owner and head of Footman Industries, including the Footman Electric Eel Power Plant, and Footman Labs
Overseer of the seminotsosecret group Ordos Absconditus (a babbage RP group)
guns, explosions, zombies, rampaging monsters, automotons, vast amounts of property damage, considered a human natural disaster by some


Professor Grendel M. Footman, inventor, adventurer, surgeon, and occultist.
born to parents...I'm assuming, that part is foggy, I learned to be a surgeon at a young age, then got promptly bored and was eventually drummed out of medical school for my more original ideas, since then I have studied engineering, then was kicked out after the engine i built destroyed the engineering college, so I finally turned my attentions to the occult and supernatural studies, where i discovered a serum based on alchemical texts,and combined with modern chemical knowledge. . the Immortalis Serum, together with some electrical stimulation, can help prevent death, with the minor side effect that you will need regular injections to stay alive.
After years of testing on animals and corpses, I had to use it on myself when fatally wounded by a yeti in the Himilaya's while searching for Shangri-La. I had to give myself my first treatment, just to stay alive long enouhg to stitch myself back together and give myself the full treatment. After that I left the family estate in Antartica, gave the servant's what would have been thier final year's pay, left automotons to upkeep the colony, loaded airship, and left for other areas.

A full time weapon's developer and part time occult investigator and monster hunter.I since have had to use my surgical knowledge on myself many other ties, even replacing some organs, and improving some others.
probing the secrets of science and the unknown, and occasionally blowing something up, or releasing a demon in the process


LL managed to break my old account, so I started a new account, (GFootman)

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