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Scottie is the proud owner of Portside Books, Melnik Air Park, and Cuffs in Haven Row. He enjoys socializing (especially when a drink is involved), dancing the night away with his wife, and exploring whatever mysteries in Babbage may arise. He is typically an easy-going fellow but protective of his friends and will fight when necessary (and sometimes when it isn’t).


Scottie chose to leave home and travel the world after the death of his parents. He’s had his share of adventures, the outcomes of which ranged between surprisingly pleasant and utterly devastating. This odd mix has caused him to be open to meeting new people but he also tends to keep all but the very closest of friends at a distance.
Scottie’s natural curiosity has served him well on his travels but the wanderlust he’s been enslaved to over the years has caused him not to linger in one place for too long. His inquisitive and studious nature of the world he lives in has caused him to become a jack of all trades, but he’s no real expert in anything. He’s also fascinated by other people’s stories and is willing to listen to almost anything someone else has to say.
The years of traveling have finally gotten to Scottie and he decided it was time to settle down. Having once landed long ago in New Babbage he decided to make a home and a living for himself there. Finding a nice spot in Port Babbage he built a book shop and waited for his wandering heart to pull him away again. When the months went by and his wandering heart remained silent he decided he was here to stay.
So much so, in fact, that when a bittersweet opportunity presented a chance to expand his landholdings Scottie seized it. He owned and operated Loner Lane and the Sweetwater lots as well as a plot for the Pneumatic Postage Dispatch Center in Port Babbage.
He married Sky Netizen, his best friend and confidante, and settled into Babbage society. The couple decided it was time to explore the world and seek out new business opportunities. They sold off a few properties and started a fresh set of adventures.
With all that has occurred recently his own personal study into an experiment once conducted by a man he respected has fallen to the wayside. It is something Scottie hopes to pick up again soon. But first things first, as they say…


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