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Hello! My name is Tepic, and you will often find me wandering around New Babbage playing tunes on my flute. Be warned, if encouraged, I might just keep playing late into the night! I am an urchin, living in my camp under the Palisade Gate, trapping voles all over the City for food, clothing (Voleskin trews...), grease and milk, in fact, there is probably no emergency or situation that can't be helped with one vole product or another.. Always willing to chat and be helpful, or just sit and watch as life occurs around me,


According to Tepic, he started life as a fox cub, and transformed into a human boy while playing with some lads in a field, just because it was more fun to rough and tumble with arms and legs, and a human head was better for laughing and shouting! He still has his fox tail and ears, of which he is inordinately proud.
Tepic does visit the other Steam Cities, as well as other unusual places, usually by walking there - quite how he achieves this is not known, and the time taken to travel is very erratic. From his point of view, he doesn't know why others can't just walk to places, and it may have something to do with his fox heritage.
He has been the same age for a considerable time, he's enjoying himself, and sees no reason to change. This might be seen as useful to some historians, however, Tepic has the interests and attention span of a boy, and any study is likely to be very frustrating!
He likes the City and it's people as there is always something interesting to see, new people to chat to, and adventures to be had. There are no plans beyond the latest challenge, and no desires except to enjoy life to it's fullest.


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