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I am a wanderer though some less charitable folks would call me a storm crow. I've traveled this strange world for a considerable length of time and have seen treasures to satiate desires both wretched and sublime.

I have certain resources . . If you need something and have difficulty with the normal channels come to me and I'll see what I can do. I am confidential and discreet in all my dealings if that is so desired. I reserve the right to refuse a deal as I choose.



Gaby has forgotten her origins. She remembers brief snippets of memories and occasional sequences that may or may not be real.

From what memories she is confident of it seems her home was in upheaval, an apocalyptic war. Since she arrived here Gaby has seen no fewer than three lands sink beneath the waves never to be seen again. Long before that she watched her own home die as tyrants sacrificed the entire civilization upon the altar of their own diseased ambitions

As might be expected, she has a somewhat fatalistic outlook on life. She does not view herself as evil per se, but she is very old and the self-declared 'good' . . were the ones who gave those tyrants the power to destroy them in the end.


Gaby is tough, strong, fast, and she has certain powers of her own. That said, She's not invulnerable by any means. Most of her less physical powers do not work reliably in New Babbage and several do not work at all.


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