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I'm a photographer, enthusiastic aeronaut, and tinkerer in the manufacturing arts.

I live in the Palisade area of Babbage and have a research factory there where I engage in the development of vehicles, whimsical weaponry, and whatever strikes my fancy.

I'm also interested in artifacts from the Martian invasion, as both a matter of curiosity and for what can be learned from them, to advance the causes of Science and Commerce.


I was born in the Independent State of Caledon and raised there by my grandparents, my parents having disappeared in the course of an expedition to a distant land when I was very young.

My later childhood was a good one, living with my grandparents on their farm in the country. Grandfather had done very well for himself as a hardhat salvage diver who started his own company. My grandmother was a Botanist and teacher, and I was fortunate to have been introduced to science in such a positive manner.

I didn't have the amount of supervision deemed proper for a young Victorian lady and on the whole I think that was good. I had a rather....exciting adolescence but I grew into maturity with no more than the usual amount of difficulty. And I'm sure by now the incident with the hot-air balloon and the manure spreader is largely forgotten.

I came to Babbage for the Oiling Festival and I enjoyed that first week walking about the busy city and meeting its people. Additionally, when I learned that a Martian cylinder had fallen here during the time of the invasion I rented a house and extended my stay to investigate the matter further. It wasn't long before I resolved to move here. It was a difficult decision but I enjoy the exciting happenings in Babbage and the wonderful friends I've made here.


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