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Greetings and Ogenki desu ka !!!

I am so happy to meet you *bows politely*. I am a fusion of Steampunk and Japan. You will see me in character almost all the time using the speech and mannerisms of a successful lady in New Babbage but you will see the Japanese side of me sprinkled in from time to time. I tend to be seen where ever ghosts are involved because of my back story. I hope to see you in-world soon.

Cheerful adventures!!


I have been sent to New Babbage by my Father in order to increase my knowledge of the world. I was a miko of the Shinto temple in Japan near where my clan is established. I still send pigeons back to ask for help and instruction from time to time as I am still learning. I have no remembrance of my mother; all I know is the love of my Father and the family of the monks of the temple. As is common with the shrine maiden, I can communicate with the spirits of the dead. This talent manifested quite strongly with me and I have always been asked to do more because of it. I am an albino. The monks say I was touched by the Gods at birth but the local people at home fear me because of it. The clan has given me the name of Shini Megami, the Goddess of Death. But of course I do not mention that often as that is my clan name. What does my clan do? Oh....certain services that others are too soft to handle *smiles*. I also carry a clan katana, which is named byakko sendo (white tiger). Not many do so I am a bit proud of it.


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