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I live in a converted clock-tower in the Wheatstone Waterways. I occasionally go off on adventures where I invariably save the day while engaging in numerous heroic deeds. I’m humble... but in a really great way.


What could I possibly say in such a short space allotted to my background sketch? To be honest, I’m tempted to make something up… something fantastic. Like how I was some sort of brilliant scientist in a past life; that I engineered through near unimaginable science a plant theoretically capable of ending world hunger and providing cheap and easy medication to even the most remote countries on the earth. I am tempted to write about becoming the target of a paranoid, totalitarian government… a government irresponsible enough to pervert science for their own ends with little to no regards for the consequences; even when all evidence suggests the very real potential for consequences… consequences which could very well lead to the final extinction. I’m tempted to write how one day I disappeared with the scientific knowledge necessary to reproduce this plant… and that I’ve been hunted by a relentless and righteous assassin ever since. But I won’t write any of this because the truth is I have no recollection of a life before New Babbage. It could very well be the way I just imagined it… or it could be completely mundane… although mundane wouldn’t explain the assassin.

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